What’s New?

It’s about a month later… and I haven’t “journalled” (blogged) about my weight loss journey. So, here I am. Things are going pretty good. I learn new things about successful weight loss nearly every day!
The Parade had a great article last month. In fact if you go to their website and type in weight loss, you’ll find several great articles. I read the Parade every week!
So, today is February 5th. I am about 5 pounds from my TOPS “goal”. But, my TOPS goal is still about 10 pounds from my actual goal. The reason? At TOPS you stay within “leeway” if you are within 10 pounds of goal. The kicker is that the 10 pounds is up to 7 pounds under and only 3 lbs. above your goal weight.
When I went to the doctor, he suggested 150 pounds and I said I’d like to be closer to 145. He wrote 145-150 pounds on my goal slip. So, I got to choose which of those and due to the TOPS rules I went with the higher goal, knowing I can get down to 143 and still be within leeway.
That means I have 10 pounds to lose. And I am working pretty hard to get there.
What have I been doing? A couple of “new” things.
One of my BAD habits is needing something sweet after I eat. SO, I found some tiny little tootsie roll pops.

There are 50 calories in 3 pops. I only have one when the “need for sweet” arrives.
I AM writing down what I eat and counting calories. That is definitely one thing that WORKS!
I go above and beyond and write myself motivational notes. SERIOUSLY! If I remind myself WHY I am working so hard it really does help! OH, and I found the prettiest dress for the wedding. I am going to take a picture of it and put it on the frig! 🙂
And of course I am working out.
That’s all from me for now!

One response to “What’s New?

  1. Oh I’m so happy for you Angel,you are almost there!!!! We all know how hard it is to lose weight,but it sounds like you’ve got it now!!!
    I’m still one pound below my goal,but been having a hard time since december. I don’t know if it’s because of my liver,I’m having a hard time with bloating which I didn’t have before. I don’t want to lose my Kops status so I’m working hard at it but can’t seem to go down.
    Anyways,Good Luck to you and thanks for the sweet tip!!!

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