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I don’t know why, but STRESS can cause your body to hold on to weight. I don’t watch the Biggest Loser, but from what I understand, there have been such cases on the show where someone was working very hard to lose weight, but under a lot of stress and their body just would not release the weight. I think that is what is going on with me! There are lots of articles on the web about this including this one on
Please understand that I am NOT trying to use this as an excuse! My workout page will show that I am really trying and I am eating pretty healthy too. LOTS of salads and fruits and veggies. STicking to about 1500 calories a day or less. And I am losing weight…. very slowly. But I do believe the weight would be falling off if it weren’t for stress. Just sayin!
What stress? Hmmm…… A couple of milestones are past…Our younger son graduated from college and I finished working and the 280 wedding invitations I had to make are done. Now it’s time to retire, pack up and move to Oklahoma, look for a job, survive empty nest, go to younger son’s wedding and be there when our first grandchild is born. And of course, celebrate our SILVER wedding anniversary. As stressful as life is right now, there is not much I would change! LIFE IS GOOD!
And I need to get started with that packing stuff…. SEE YA!

’07 Pontiac Torrent

Pontiac Torrent
Look what hubby bought me……{BIG GRIN}!!!

The Twins are Here!

The waiting game is over and the twins are here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, they are there…in VA! I’ll be leaving on Saturday to go see them.
My new Godchildren are Brandon and Faith. Brandon weighs 7 pounds 5 ounces and Faith weighs 5 pounds 9 ounces…I think. The cord was wrapped around Faith five times! That was something they did not expect so it was a good thing that a C-Section was planned.
Mommy and babies are doing very well. I can’t wait to see them!
God Bless~

Gettin back up again!

Anyone else have a hard time being “good” this last weekend? I did. Yesterday…hubby made breakfast, I took my mom to a nice restaurant for lunch and then hubby cooked on the grill for dinner. Did I work out? Nah. Tomorrow I’ll start over? Right now? A bowl of M&Ms sits next to me. I’m not feeling motivated. I guess I will step on the scale. A wake-up call may help! But, tomorrow, I begin a new challenge. I did not complete last week’s. Iced Tea (unthinkingly) at the restaurant and chai with my Mother’s Day breakfast disqualified me. Sorry. How did you do?
On a happier note, my mom was here for Mother’s Day. That was the first time in over 20 years I got to be with my mom for Mother’s Day. It was amazing. Mom was a little “under the weather” and I wish she had felt better. I hope she gets better soon. Please say a prayer for her today. My parents are on the road, stopping to see my mom’s brother and sister in Tennessee first before heading back to Iowa.
Mom & me
Here is a picture of me and mom with the flowers Katie gave us.
Come back tomorrow for a new challenge!
Hugs~ Angel