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I don’t know why, but STRESS can cause your body to hold on to weight. I don’t watch the Biggest Loser, but from what I understand, there have been such cases on the show where someone was working very hard to lose weight, but under a lot of stress and their body just would not release the weight. I think that is what is going on with me! There are lots of articles on the web about this including this one on
Please understand that I am NOT trying to use this as an excuse! My workout page will show that I am really trying and I am eating pretty healthy too. LOTS of salads and fruits and veggies. STicking to about 1500 calories a day or less. And I am losing weight…. very slowly. But I do believe the weight would be falling off if it weren’t for stress. Just sayin!
What stress? Hmmm…… A couple of milestones are past…Our younger son graduated from college and I finished working and the 280 wedding invitations I had to make are done. Now it’s time to retire, pack up and move to Oklahoma, look for a job, survive empty nest, go to younger son’s wedding and be there when our first grandchild is born. And of course, celebrate our SILVER wedding anniversary. As stressful as life is right now, there is not much I would change! LIFE IS GOOD!
And I need to get started with that packing stuff…. SEE YA!

What’s New?

It’s about a month later… and I haven’t “journalled” (blogged) about my weight loss journey. So, here I am. Things are going pretty good. I learn new things about successful weight loss nearly every day!
The Parade had a great article last month. In fact if you go to their website and type in weight loss, you’ll find several great articles. I read the Parade every week!
So, today is February 5th. I am about 5 pounds from my TOPS “goal”. But, my TOPS goal is still about 10 pounds from my actual goal. The reason? At TOPS you stay within “leeway” if you are within 10 pounds of goal. The kicker is that the 10 pounds is up to 7 pounds under and only 3 lbs. above your goal weight.
When I went to the doctor, he suggested 150 pounds and I said I’d like to be closer to 145. He wrote 145-150 pounds on my goal slip. So, I got to choose which of those and due to the TOPS rules I went with the higher goal, knowing I can get down to 143 and still be within leeway.
That means I have 10 pounds to lose. And I am working pretty hard to get there.
What have I been doing? A couple of “new” things.
One of my BAD habits is needing something sweet after I eat. SO, I found some tiny little tootsie roll pops.

There are 50 calories in 3 pops. I only have one when the “need for sweet” arrives.
I AM writing down what I eat and counting calories. That is definitely one thing that WORKS!
I go above and beyond and write myself motivational notes. SERIOUSLY! If I remind myself WHY I am working so hard it really does help! OH, and I found the prettiest dress for the wedding. I am going to take a picture of it and put it on the frig! 🙂
And of course I am working out.
That’s all from me for now!

The Best Equipment

Here is a link to an article on what is the best equipment to have at home for a great workout.
I wonder if I would use that little mini stepper? Or would it sit in my closet with “The Bean”?  Hmmm….

Getting Challenged

Never, never, never give up! ~Winston Churchill

I’m feeling better about my journey these days. The weight is SO SO slowly starting to budge. I feel like I am getting motivation and support from many different sources including my TOPS girls and Facebook friends.
I tried the Walk at Home Club for a month and set a goal of 100 miles of walking for the month of August. I am happy to say “I did it!” Wow… 100 miles.
I’m not doing the Walk Club anymore, but timely enough a couple of my Facebook friends are offering challenges of their own and it’s helping me stay motivated even though I haven’t had much time to get on the computer to check on them. I’ve decided to bump my miles again this month and am shooting for 110 miles in September.
After talking to an aquaintence of mine who lost her weight and has kept it off, I decided to change things up every now and then to keep my body working and not let it get used to anything. For the last couple of weeks that meant not eating after 7 pm which was actually pretty hard. And I am going to keep that up these next couple of weeks AND add another change. After reading this article by Tim Ferriss, I’m going to try and avoid ANYTHING white in my diet… i.e. rice, sugar, flour, pasta, bread. We’ll see how that goes.
I can feel pretty good about some things. I am the lightest I have been so far this year and I am 8 pounds lighter than I was this time last year.
I’m not giving up, Mr. Churchill!

August 7

Three months until my birthday. I hope to be fairly close to my goal by then.
Yesterday at TOPS, I was very discouraged. I did lose weight, but only 1/2 a pound. AND it was the lowest loss in the group. I am happy that our group had a no gain week. That was fabulous, but I really felt like I was going to have a good weight loss this week. To bring home the duck as the “Head Honker” (to encourage every one else) that was a sad thing for me. I don’t mind being an encourager. But, usually the duck goes to the person who gained the most. This week since nobody gained it went to the lowest of the losers…me. It was like someone let the air out of me after working so hard.
I even kept a food diary and counted calories Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday…averaging 1250 calories! (Maybe too low?) Our TOPS leader took a look at my food diary and suggested I eat more fruit and less packaged foods. SO that is my goal this week. AND we were asked to give up one thing and I agreed to CHOCOLATE. I don’t know what I was thinking. I am one of those who NEEDS a little chocolate every now and then. This will be interesting!
The Walk Club I am a part of is very inspiring. Some of these girls do 2 or 3 workouts a day! I may try that when Katie starts back to school. Speaking of… she has orientation today. I was supposed to go with her, but I have a stomach bug that is keeping me close to the bathroom. Yucky.
I’ll be back!

The Walk Club

I am trying something new.
You may know I have been using Leslie Sansone’s Walking tapes and DVDs for over 4 years. She has a Walk Club for tools and support to help you lose weight. We’ll see if it helps!
Walk at Home
On Day 1~

Operation Motivation 2 ~ Final Day

Here is a great site with lots of info for you:
Web MD Article
Last day! How is everyone? Still motivated? I hope I can get everyone’s weight loss results this weekend so I can get a little something in the mail for the winner! I leave on Monday for KS and I may try it again when I get home! Thanks for helping motivate me!